Fire Safety Made Simple – The Little Things with a big Difference

Fire Safety Made Simple – The Little Things with a big Difference

Fire safety is something which everyone must consider when owning a home and especially when starting a family. Once a fire starts, there may be as little as two minutes to escape so it’s important to ensure that your home is safe to avoid this at all costs and if it were to happen, that you can escape efficiently and safely. Fire safety doesn’t need to be complex; we have devised some simple and easy fire safety tips that will help you to make all of the difference.

Smoke alarms

Everyone knows that smoke alarms are a necessity but the real question is, do you test your smoke alarms on a regular basis or at all? It’s so important to ensure that they are installed properly and that they are in working order. It has been recommended that you test all smoke alarms in the home every 1-2 months. Approximately 5-% of fire deaths occur in the night when people are sleeping so, it’s important to ensure that they are in working order at all times to avoid fatalities.


If you have young children, it’s especially important that firstly, you have an escape route planned if there ever were to be a fire but also, that your children are aware of this route. You should both discuss and practice what you would do in an emergency situation around two times per year to ensure that everyone is aware of where to go and how to exit as safely as possible. It’s also important that very young children are aware of what smoke alarms sound like so that they know what to do when they hear that sound. Another tip is to devise a plan of what family members can do if not everyone was in the house at the time of the fire and who to contact and most importantly, that everyone knows to call 999.

The little things

Some simple tips to follow is to ensure that the oven and hob are always turned off. It may sound so simple but we are more prone to leaving things turned on than we think and what’s more, most fire incidents start in the kitchen! If you use heated hair products always ensure to switch them off after use. To stay completely safe, you can now buy products which automatically turn off based on a touch detector. You can also avoid smoking in the house and hide the smaller things like lighters and matches from children.

Fire extinguishers in the home

It’s so important to have a fire extinguisher available in the home in case of an emergency. The majority of home owners do not have a fire extinguisher in their home even though the majority of fire related incidents and deaths could actually have been prevented had a fire extinguisher been available. It’s so important to invest in your family’s safety and to ensure that you keep it in a convenient place which would be reachable in the event of a fire.


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