The Importance Of Fire Safety Equipment In Your Home


“Fire deaths in England increased sharply last year. There were 334 fire deaths in England (including 71 at Grenfell). This is the worst year for fire deaths since 2010-11.” Grahame Morris MP, 9 August 2018

In that one important statement, Grahame Morris made it very clear that there is a real need for fire safety equipment in every home in the UK. The proper fire safety equipment and training can save your life or the lives of those you love in the event of a house fire. Something as simple as a fire extinguisher or a fire escape ladder can be used by any member of the family to make a dramatic difference in the outcome of even the smallest fire.


But, how do you know what type of fire safety equipment you need in your home? The answer to that is simple. Keep reading to learn what you need to protect your home and your family.

Important Fire Safety Equipment You Should Have In Your Home

Fire Escape Ladders- fire escape ladders are especially important if your home has more than one level. Typical fire escape ladders attach easily to a windowsill and enable anyone trapped inside of a burning house top escape to safety.

Smoke Detectors- being alerted of a fire in your home will enable you to act quickly and get your family to safety. Smoke detectors should be installed on every level in your home and inside every bedroom. You should also teach your family what to do when they hear the smoke alarm sound.

Fire Extinguishers- a high quality, easy to use fire extinguisher is important and there should be at least one in every home. Be sure to choose a model that is suitable for a wide range of fires and teach every member of your family how to use it.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms- in addition to installing smoke detectors in your home, you should also install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. These should be placed near any fuel burning device.

     Ensuring that your home and your family are protected in the event of a fire is important and with some simple fire safety equipment devices, you can do just that!

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