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Our Story.. Why Eimdall?

Every day, at least one child dies from a home fire and another 293 children are injured from fires or burns. Ninety percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires. Out of those, two in every five fires start in the kitchen.

That is something we want to change. The majority of all deadly home fires could have been prevented if the access to a fire extinguisher would have been easier. Traditional fire extinguishers look boring and industrial, which causes them to often end up in a closet or the garage, in places where they are too far out of reach if an accident were to occur.

That is something we want to change. Our goal was to create a series of beautifully-designed fire extinguishers. Using our Scandinavian roots, we have designed a clean, minimalistic series of designed fire extinguishers that stands out from the rest. Instead of ending up in the closet, these extinguishers can be used as a home decoration, placed in plain sight where it is actually needed.

Source: https://www.unitypoint.org/blankchildrens/fire-statistics.aspx

You can make a difference!

You can make a difference, simply share a picture of our designer fire extinguisher and tag us on any social media platform and we will donate £ 1 to the most current charity project right now. At the end of the month we will tally the total amount and donate all of the money to one project at GlobalGiving.org. If you would like to have an effect on the projects we donate the money to, hashtag (#) your choice of project when sharing our picture. Your votes will be taken under consideration when choosing the project we donate to.


Top fire tips!

1. Keep a fire extinguisher close by and have it visible so people not living in the house can still access it as well. 99% of all fires starting in the kitchen can be put out immediately if you have a fire extinguisher nearby.

2. Working smoke alarms reduce the chances of dying in a fire by nearly 50 percent. For the best protection, install smoke alarms on every level of your home and in every sleeping area.

3. Teach kids never to play with matches, lighters or fireworks.

4. Create and practice a home fire escape plan with two ways out of your house in case of a fire.

5. Teach children to get low and get out when they hear the smoke alarm.

6. Use safety in the kitchen. Limit distractions when cooking and never leave a hot oven or stove unattended.

What Do Our Customers Say?

"Fantastic product! We have mounted it to the wall in the kitchen, it looks great and I can feel safe having my kids in the kitchen on their own."
Mark Henderson
"I absolutely love how it looks and it gives me that extra sense of safety."
Sandra Conner
"Fantastic product and great support. I unfortunately had to use mine the first week I had it, I reached out to the team at Eimdall and they very kindly offered me a free refill."
Marlene Stuart

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