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We make safety fun! Our ambition is to make the most stylish and modern home and kitchen safety products on the market. We consist of a very small team, and we will do anything to keep our customers happy. If there is anything you aren't pleased with or have a cool idea for future products, please don't hesitate to reach out, use our form below to say Hi! Eimdall Design is a part of Grönahill AB, which is based in Sweden.

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UK Warehouse, Postal Address

A2 Parkway West
Cranford Lane
Middlesex TW5 9QA

Eimdall HQ


Grönahills Alle 27-8
23173 Anderslöv

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UK Warehouse

All our goods are stored, packed and shipped from our UK warehouse close to Heathrow. The warehouse is operated by our fulfillment partner Sprintlogistics Ltd.

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Do you have a social media following or a blog and are looking to make some money? Then our affiliate program could be for you! You simply promote our products and get a commission for every sale generated using your code.

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