Frequently Asked Questions

Since we are first on the market with a completely new product we receive quite a lot of questions, here we have tried to answer the most common ones. If you have a question that we haven't answered bellow, send us an email to support@eimdall.com

- Are your designed fire extinguishers legal? 

Yes, there are no regulations on fire extinguishers for home use. However you can not use them in businesses or commercial buildings because there they have to be minimum 20% red. But apart from its appearance our fire extinguishers comply with all EN3 regulations and have been pressure tested in Europe.

- Aren't fire extinguishers red for a reason? Isn't it dangerous to have it in white/black?

Fire extinguishers are made in red to easily be identified. We are not making these designed fire extinguishers to replace all red extinguishers. However, statistics shows that the number of people that even have a fire extinguisher at home at all is scarily low. And the majority of those who have, store them in closets or hidden away. 

If the extinguisher is hidden away, it being red is not going to help you at all. The reason we started selling designed fire extinguishers was to raise awareness of home safety and the importance of having a fire extinguisher at home. Or hope is that people would like our fire extinguishers much enough to actually use them as a part of their decoration.

After all, a white or black fire extinguisher placed in plain sight where everybody can see it is much more useful and safe than having a red one in closet.

- Do you need to have a fire extinguisher at home? 

Yes, absolutely. It is not just important to have one at home but to have one that is easily accessible. We advice to have one one each floor, one in the kitchen and if you have one close to your fire place.

- Can you use it on electrical fires?

Yes, our models are filled with ABC-Powder which can fight electrical fires caused by small appliances, circuit breakers, wiring and other small electrical items.

- What does ABC-Powder mean?

ABC is shortening for the types of fires it can fight. ABC classed extinguishers fight these types of fires: A: Wood, paper, cloth and other basic material fires B: Oils (including paints with oil) and gasoline fires C: Electrical fires caused by small appliances, circuit breakers, wiring and other small electrical items.

- How long is shipping in the UK?

Normally about 2-4 days. Please allow 1-2 days in handling as well.

- There is a bit of rust on my gray fire extinguisher, can I still use it?

Yes, your fire extinguisher works just as normal. Our gray model is created in bare untreated metal to get that industrial/vintage look and will catch some surface rust if you leave it an a cold or moist environment over time. As long as the gauge face points at the green zone, the fire extinguisher has the correct pressure and will work as normal.


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